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Tribute Pharmaceuticals is a Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the acquisition, licensing, development and management of pharmaceutical and healthcare products with its primary focus on the Canadian market.

Tribute Pharmaceuticals has two facilities located in Milton, Ontario and London, Ontario and takes great pride in its employees, sales representatives and authorized third parties providers. Our mission is to offer quality healthcare products that treat recognized medical conditions and diseases.  Tribute is committed to providing patients and physicians with clinically proven pharmaceuticals products that have been approved by regulatory authorities in Canada and other parts of the world.
In addition to our goal of introducing new products to Canadians, Tribute also recognizes the role and value of existing and sometimes older medications.  These products are often very important and necessary for some patients and where possible, Tribute is interested to keeping these products available in Canada for Canadians.
According to IMS Health, Canada is one of the largest markets for pharmaceutical products in the world.  Tribute intends to grow its business and increase its market share in Canada, while at the same time offering clinically proven, high quality healthcare products for Canadian physicians and patients.