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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

acorbul1 What Is Osteoarthritis?
acorbul1 What Is Hyaluronate?
acorbul1 What Is NeoVisc®?
acorbul1 How does NeoVisc® Work?
acorbul1 Will NeoVisc® Work For Me?
acorbul1 How is NeoVisc® Administered and How Long Does The Treatment Last?
acorbul1 Are These Injections Painful?
acorbul1 Are There Any Side Effects?
acorbul1 How is NeoVisc® Compared to Other Viscosupplements?
acorbul1 Useful Tips On Improving Treatment Outcome!
acorbul1 NeoVisc® covered by my Medical Insurance Plan
acorbul1 How Do I Order NeoVisc®?

Osteoarthritis (OA), or as it is sometimes called “Degenerative Joint Disease” is the most common form of arthritis, and a leading cause of disability in North America. It affects one out of every three people over the age of fortyfive and this ratio increases with age. OA is not easily categorized by one causative factor, as it is, no doubt, an overlapping of different factors (hereditary, mechanical, trauma, etc.). No matter what the cause the general outcome is gradual degeneration or wearing down of joint cartilage, resulting in pain, loss of mobility and in some cases inflammation of the affected joint(s). OA tends to affect weight-bearing joints such as knees and hips more frequently. As the disease progresses, cartilage erodes to the point that bone begins to rub on bone, requiring further medical intervention.
What Is Osteoarthritis?  

The joint loses shape and alignment.  Bone ends thicken, forming bony growths called spurs or osteophytes.  Bits of cartilage or bone can wear off and float in the joint space adding to the irritation and further affecting joint mobility.

What Is Hyaluronate?

Hyaluronate is a naturally occurring polysaccharide found in connective tissue, synovial fluid, vitreous humour of the eye, birth canal etc. It has been shown to play an important role in many biological processes such as embryonic development, cell differentiation, tissue hydration and proteoglycan organization.

In the joint Hyaluronate provides the viscoelasticity (lubrication) of synovial fluid and the resilience and elastic strength (cushioning effect) to cartilage.

What Is NeoVisc®?

NeoVisc® is a 1.0% solution of  highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate, which has been clinically available in Canada since 1997.

How Does NeoVisc® Work?

Patients with OA typically experience pain and loss of mobility because of changes to the internal environment of the affected joint. NeoVisc® works as a viscosupplement by improving the natural viscosity and elasticity of synovial fluid, thereby increasing lubrication, improved joint mobility and a reduction of pain.

 Will NeoVisc® Work For Me?

Viscosupplement treatments are not appropriate for all osteoarthritis patients. Discuss NeoVisc® with your doctor to see if you are a candidate for viscosupplement therapy.

NeoVisc® works best for patients who are suffering from mild to moderate osteoarthritis.

How is NeoVisc® Administered and How Long Does The Treatment Last?

NeoVisc® is administered by your physician through  a series of intraarticular injections (injections into the synovial space of the joint). One injection per week, over a 15 day period for a total of three (3) injections. Onset of symptomatic relief varies from patient to patient depending on severity of OA. Some experience improvement after the second injection, while optimal results are usually seen 15 to 30 days after the last injection.

It is believed that a course of viscosupplementation with NeoVisc®  (Hyaluronate),  stimulates cells in joint tissues to produce their own healthy hyaluronate, extending the therapeutic benefit for an average of 6 to 12 months, at which time a repeat course of NeoVisc® (injections should be administered).

Patients with more severe osteoarthritis may gain greater benefit from a series of five (5) weekly NeoVisc® injections. Consult with your physician.

Are These Injections Painful?

With all injections, there may be mild and short-lasting discomfort during the injection so your physician may use a local anaesthetic to reduce your concerns. Your physician has done many of these injections and can discuss the procedure with you.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Hyaluronate is a natural component of synovial fluid and there have been no significant adverse reactions attributable to the highly purified Sodium Hyaluronate used in NeoVisc®.

However, as with any injection, there may be the occurrence of transient pain at the injection site. Should the injected joint remain painful for more than twelve (12) hours or become swollen, contact your physician immediately.

How is NeoVisc® Compared To Other Viscosupplements?

We are not aware of any significant differences in treatment outcome with any of the hyaluronate products presently available in Canada. However, NeoVisc® is the most cost effective therapy available and can cost up to 50% less than other competitive hyaluronate products.

NeoVisc® has been developed by Canadians, manufactured by Canadians, and available to Canadians at the best available price.

Useful Tips On Improving Treatment Outcome

acorbul1 No excessive or strenuous activity for the first 24 hours after your injection.
acorbul1 Follow your physician’s instructions.
acorbul1 If you are overweight, lose weight, to reduce pressure on your joints.
acorbul1 If your physician has recommended exercises, do them faithfully (after waiting 24 hrs. post injection).
acorbul1 At the first signs of your OA symptoms reappearing, call your physician to book another course of NeoVisc® injections.
acorbul1 A positive attitude can have a positive effect on your treatment outcome.

Is NeoVisc® Covered by my Medical Insurance Plan?

NeoVisc® is considered to be a medical device, and may not be covered by your health insurance medical plan.  However, a number of the insurance companies may cover ‘ viscosupplement injections’ under the Extended Health Benefit Plan.  We encourage you to contact your insurance carrier prior to ordering NeoVisc® to determine coverage eligibility.

How Do I Order NeoVisc®?

NeoVisc® can be made available in a variety of ways:


Through your physician




Call Customer Service at Stellar Pharmaceuticals Inc.  TOLL FREE 1-900-752-6491