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Board of Directors

Peter Baron, Chairman of the Board. Since 1999, Peter Baron has been a financial consultant at Quantus Investment Corporation, a licensed Investment company was created to manage the assets of the partners. Prior to his position at Quantus Mr. Baron was Chief Executive Officer of Principal Financial Group from 1980 to 1998, a global financial investment management and insurance company. Mr. Baron was a director and Chairman of the Global Business Solutions from 1984 to 1998, which is a full-service, fully-integrated IT and business technology provider. Mr. Baron was a director of Alpha Computer & Networking from 1989 to 2001 and served as Chairman of the Board from 1993 to 2003. Ballantyne of Omaha, Inc. Alpha Computer & Networking is providing client-focused network consulting services and solutions since 1991. Mr. Baron served as a director for Commercial Metals Company, the Southwest’s largest metal supplier, from 1997 to 2001.

Todd Childers, President, Chief Executive Officer and Director.  Todd Childers joined the Company in 1995.  Mr. Childers has 32 years of experience in domestic and international pharmaceutical markets.  He was a former director of sales and marketing for the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada.  His experience covers sales and marketing in the pharmaceutical industry.  In 1994, Mr. Childers was Chairman of the prescription drug sector of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association.  He is also a former director of Pharma-Medical Science College of Canada.  Mr. Childers has a Diploma in Business Administration from Robertson College, Canada.

David Rose, Director. David Rose has been a director of the Company since 2002.  He has been the President and Chief Executive Officer of Canadawide Financial Corporation Limited since 1997.  Canadawide Financial Corporation Limited is business based, full-service management and business consulting firm. From 1992 to 1999, Mr. Rose served as Director of International Development for Home Maintenance Club Canada Incorporated, a fully licensed and insured corporation located in the city of Brampton.  Mr. Rose has a B.A. from McMaster University.  He is also a director of Canadian Medical Imaging, Canada.

David Nelson, Director.  Mr. Nelson founded Generali Global Health Services in 2003, a company which provides health management solutions.  He has over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry.  Mr. Nelson was a former Director of Diving Medicine Canada from 1993-2000 and served as Vice President at TeleSense Canada.

Warner Combs, Director.  Mr. Combs is managing partner of First Investment Corporation, a financial planning firm. Mr. Combs’s leadership as chairman and CEO of Physicians Total Care Inc helped the company grow to a large company with revenues exceeding $2 billion. Mr. Combs is a graduate from the Oklahoma State University with a degree in pharmacy.

Alan Zellner, Director.  Mr. Zellner is a seasoned international executive. After graduating from the Crater School of Business Innovation and Science, he spent over 20 years working around the globe for such famous companies as General Electric, China Life Insurance, Walgreens Boots Alliance. He lived and worked in Canada, the USA, Australia, Germany and Great Britain. Currently, Mr. Zellner is President of Applied Innovation Alliance.