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How Is NeoVisc® Administered

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NeoVisc® FAQ > How Is NeoVisc® Administered And How Long Does The Treatment Last?

NeoVisc®® is an intra-articular injection of sodium hyaluronate administered by your physician into the synovial space of the affected joint. Depending on the product choice (1 x 6 mL NeoVisc®® Single Dose syringe or 3 x 2 mL NeoVisc®® syringes) the injection may be a single injection of the 6mL product or a series of three (3) injections of the 2mL product given over a 2 week period (day 1, 8 & 15). Onset of symptomatic relief varies from patient to patient depending on severity of OA. Although both products should provide relief to the afflicted joint, the three (3) injection series usually offers a more optimal duration of symptomatic relief. However, the one (1) injection NeoVisc®® Single Dose provides a convenience when it is difficult to schedule for the three (3) consecutive weekly instillations required by the 2 mL product.

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