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Is There A Treatment For IC?


Uracyst® FAQ > Is There A Treatment For IC?

To date there is no cure for IC, nor is there an effective treatment that works for everyone. Symptoms may disappear without explanation or coincide with an event such as a change in diet or treatment.  However, even after symptoms disappear, they may return after days, weeks, months or years. Doctors do not know why.  Because doctors do not know what causes IC, treatments are aimed at relieving symptoms. The following treatments have been used to relieve the symptoms of IC in some people:

  • Diet: There is no scientific evidence linking diet to IC, but some doctors believe that alcohol, spices, tomatoes, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks and highacid food may contribute to bladder
    irritation and inflammation. See general suggestions on centre pages.
  • Bladder Distension: Some patients have noticed an improvement in symptoms after a bladder distension, which is a diagnostic procedure. It may become a treatment option if standard IC treatment fails.
  • Bladder Instillations: The bladder is filled with a solution that is held for varying periods of time. Uracyst® should be held in the bladder for >30 minutes.
  • Oral Drugs: Anti-inflammatory drugs, antispasmodic drugs, antihistamines, muscle relaxants, antidepressants and pentosan polysulfate are drugs that may provide some relief from urinary
    pain, urgency, frequency and burning.

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